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Wern Consulting Ltd. provides independent, experienced consultancy and management in four areas critical to your business - Strategy, People, Process and Projects. A network of experienced professionals gives Wern Consulting Ltd. the facility to support you in assignments ranging from a few days' consultancy with a single consultant to a long-term programme with a full team.

Wern Consulting Ltd. offers expertise in:
Strategy - Facilitating the development and communication of strategy.

People - From organisational design to working with individuals, maximising the effectiveness of the human component in your business.

Process - Improving business performance through analysis, simulation and redesign of processes.

Projects - Devising, planning, initiating and managing for effective delivery and maximum realisation of benefits.

Effectiveness is ensured through our approach, which is:
Inclusive, identifying the stakeholders and involving them at the appropriate level.

Facilitative, drawing out solutions from your team rather than imposing our own.

Creative, applying different approaches to get at "out of the box" solutions.

Analytical, moving from the soft, high level focus to facts and numbers, where these are required to make a case for change and plan the way ahead.

Delivery-focused, keeping in mind throughout the fundamental objectives of our work for you.

Enriching, openly sharing knowledge and techniques to allow your team to learn.